What are free walking tours?

  5 Reasons to Take a Free Walking Tour What are free walking tours? This is the perfect way to explore the city A increasing variety of tours from buses to bicycles are available these days. Each mode of transportation has its own advantages, but a walking tour is the … Read more

Why Travel to Turkey?

Why Visit Turkey This Summer? Why travel to Turkey? Turkey, a land rich in natural beauty, culture, cuisine, history and arts, wishes visitors to see and explore its exclusive and distinctive areas. Turkey is a tourism attraction full of music, tradition, gorgeous beaches, green forests and tasty food. The United … Read more

Sabiha Gökcen Airport SAW

For being further away from the city center, in the Asian side, is not as well connected as the Atatürk Airport and transportation prices are a little bit higher. Here fly particularly low-cost airlines and operate shorter flights. Sabiha Gökcen Airport SAW This airport is named after the first combat aviator woman in … Read more

Istanbul Atatürk International Airport

Istanbul International Airport (IST) is the most important airport in Istanbul. It is located 28 kilometers to the South-West of the European part of the city. There are several ways of transportation to/from the airport. The Metro is the most economical. For only 2 lira (TL) you can purchase a card or electronic ticket … Read more

Bosphorus Cruise

One of the most affordable and enjoyable attractions in Istanbul, which is safely recommend, is Bosphorus cruise, either daily or at night, as it shows great views. You can contemplate the life of the city from its banks and enjoy the cozy Istanbul skyline, and even so, at very reasonable prices. Bosphorus Also … Read more

How to get to Istanbul?

The most common way to arrive to the city of Istanbul is by plane, except for those travelers who are doing a cruise in the Aegean, the Greek Islands or the so-called Turkish Lycian Coast. The main airline of Turkey is Turkish Airlines (THY), which in 2012 was recognized as the Best Airline in Europe, carrying around 45 million … Read more

Istanbul Information

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, surely hundreds of questions arise, beyond the basic issues of food, accommodation and entertainment: who are the Istanbulites? What’s its story? How I manage myself in the city? In what currency to pay? Where do you change it? In what language I can … Read more

Istanbul’s Hammams

The Turkish baths are the Ottoman version of the Roman baths. They are a place created to combine cleansing the body and relaxation, but also served a social and cultural function. Etymologically, the word Hammam (Arabic name) means “heat expeller”. Currently and depending on the dialect, Hammam means “bath”. During the eighteenth century, Istanbul … Read more

Spice Bazaar

Also known as Egyptian Bazaar (Turkish: Misir Çarşısı). Misir in Turkish means both Egypt and corn cereal), is located in the Eminonu district and is one of the oldest in the city, besides being, after the Grand Bazaar, the second largest indoor. L-shaped, is about 120 meters at its shortest side, with 46 shops and 150 … Read more

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is one of the oldest and largest indoor bazaars in the world, where you can buy lamps, pipes, hookahs, jewelry, furniture, jewelry, clothing, ornaments and souvenirs of all kinds, and walk through the labyrinthine alleys. The Bazaar has 60 streets, alleys and more than 4000 stores and, according to … Read more

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