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Turkish Cuisine

The basis of Turkish cuisine is Mediterranean and fruits and vegetables abound. They don’t consume pork but beef, poultry and fish. Turkish cuisine is famous for its rich variety and superb combination of spices and herbs, which translates into delicious dishes for visitors.

turkish cuisine
Turkish cuisine has been influenced by the various cultures that passed through Anatolia, and at the same time, by cuisines of many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. It not only looks very appetizing, but also has a variety of ingredients that can vary the preparation and taste of the dishes endlessly.

Some typical plates

Kebab: kebab is basically sliced roast beef, the basis for numerous variations and specialties such as the Döner Kebab, made with striped beef, lamb or chicken, cooked on a vertical spit, grilled and wrapped on pita bread and vegetables or like snacks.

Dolma: vine leaf stuffed with rice and seasoned with spices and lemon. It is eaten in Greece with the same name.

Kahvalti: is the typical Turkish breakfast. A dish with cheese, cucumber, tomato, egg, bread, olives and, depending on the price, limited tea or free service.

Simit: this they call to a sesame-covered bread donuts they sell on the street or in cafes, and which is also used to accompany breakfast.

Kumpir: giant baked potato stuffed with vegetables, sausages, etc… The typical area to eat it is the Ortakoy district.

Kofte: meatball, especially from veal.

Lahmacun: kind of a pizza, with a thin crust and somewhat exotic taste.

turkish kebap

kepap turkish


Çay: Turkish tea.  (pronounced as chay)

Turkish Coffee: It is consumed throughout the Middle East. They prepare it in a typical pitcher with a very fine ground coffee. It is served in small cups, once the dust has settled in the background.

Ayran: yogurt-based drink, liquid and slightly salty.

Raki: Alcoholic drink with a little sweet anise flavor. It is very popular in Turkey and some Balkan countries as an appetizer. It is often served with seafood or fish or with some traditional Turkish starters.

Efes pilsen: The most famous beer in Turkey, although there are others.


The most typical desserts in Turkey are Baklava, made with puff pastry, pistachios or almonds and syrup, Lokum or Turkish Delight, made with flavored sugar, as well as HelvaKünefe and so many others.

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