Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our activities and services

What is the best time to visit Istanbul?

The best times of the year to visit Istanbul are from March to June and from September to November, during the fall and spring seasons, since summer is really hot and winter can be quite cold, with snow and heavy rains. Either way, both in summer and in winter the city has its own, particular charms. In winter the landscape is breathtaking, with the mosques and bridges over the Bosphorus covered with snow, where the children play freely and in summer, the streets, terraces and cafes are populated and funny and the city gets a party spirit.

What is the most suitable cloth to wear in your tours?

If you are traveling in summer you should wear fresh clothing and sunscreen, feel comfortable and protect yourself from the intense sun. If you travel in winter dress warmly, the landscape can become snow-covered and rainy, but you don’t need to carry an umbrella, is very common to find street sellers of these devices, especially when it’s raining and for a very cheap price. For spring and autumn, you can wear fresh clothing but always carrying a light jacket handy. The climate is very variable. Moreover, to visit the mosques you should be moderately dress and remove you shoes when entering. Women should wear clothes that cover their shoulders and a scarf over their heads, though it’s not necessary to carry them, as they provide it for free at the entrances, to use them in the mosque.

What is the price of the tours? How to pay them?

Each tour specifies the price and you can reserve and pay them in our booking form, according to the number of participants, routes and services.

If I contract several excursions or services do I get a discount?

Sorry, but we do not offer discounts for booking or hiring more than one activity, and we tender the lowest price for our services.

What does “price per group” means?

In some private tours the price lies in the services of the vehicle and the professional guide, so that one person pays the same that a small group. Our offer in these cases has a single rate, regardless of how many people are part of the tour.

Does the tour I booked it is as a part of a group?

No. Our tours are private and exclusive. You will travel independently to the city and just be with other small groups in the areas selected for local tours, which will give you the opportunity to meet different people during your stay in the region. We also have customized tours for individual travelers, fitting their needs and arranging for them an organized trip, whether planned or spontaneous, but without being dragged by a group.

Can I join a group for excursions?

You can book for your own group, create it yourself. Among the main preferences of our customers there is the possibility to enjoy private tours, so we don’t put together groups from various reserves. If you want to travel in a group, you must find a way to meet partners and then make a single reservation for your own group.

How long in advance is required for booking?

The “in advance” time varies depending on the tour, requirements that you will find in each tour page. During the summer holidays, Easter, holidays and weekend, excursions place fill up quickly, so we recommend you to make reservations in advance if your trip coincides with these dates.

Some tours include hotel pick-up, would you pick up us even if we are not all in the same hotel?

There is no problem about that. We pick you up at your hotel and your trip mates in theirs, unless we are talking about two widely separated places. If you have no idea of the locations or have doubts, we recommend you to contact us about it before booking.

We travel with small time and want to do the tour on our arrival day, do you pick up us at the airport?

Usually there is no problem for that, especially if you are going to stay more days in the city. If it is a one day round trip we recommend to contact us in advance to plan the schedules and make our confirmation.

We are a large group and one vehicle may not be enough. What can we do?

If you intend to book for a large group we suggest you contact us to coordinate all the details, that we guarantee to solve in the best way for all.

If I cannot be in time to the tour, would you wait for me?

The regular tours for groups always leave on time and we cannot change their schedules, so we would not wait. For private tours, if you think you cannot be ready at the proposed time and it seems better to change it, please contact us before booking us to arrange a more convenient time.

We travel with small children, do you have special seats for them?

Yes, our suppliers take this into account and to many destinations they are, in fact, mandatory. Remember, when booking specify ages and any other necessary information about the children.

In what days activities take place?

Generally the tours can be any day. In case you require a specific day of the week, following the places and schedules, you will find it in the additional information of each tour. If the system allows you to make the booking, then there are excursion that day and places available.

Why am I being charged one euro / dollar for the booking?

For your payments we use the secure payment platform Paypal. To ensure the validity of the cards, Paypal made a transaction of one euro or dollar, which is returned immediately.

We want to travel to other cities, do you have tours on other sites?

Yes, we have! You may find mOst of our tours in this website. Anyway, we recommend you to contact us to provide you more information and set up the details for your new tours to your dreamed destinations.

If your inquiries has not been clarified in this selection of frequently asked questions, you can contact us here. We will answer your questions within 24 hours.