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Istanbul Information

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, surely hundreds of questions arise, beyond the basic issues of food, accommodation and entertainment: who are the Istanbulites? What’s its story? How I manage myself in the city? In what currency to pay? Where do you change it? In what language I can communicate? What not to do? Where can I go to in case of emergency?VIAURBIS provides you general information as a response to your questions and suggestions to facilitate an unforgettable visit to Istanbul.

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Why travel to Istanbul?

The city of Istanbul, with 5712 square kilometers, is the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest in Europe. Capital of two empires, is also one of the four cities in the world and certainly the most spectacular, that stands over two continents: Europe and Asia, limited by Bosphorus Strait, the only maritime route between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, across the Sea of Marmara.

Istanbul has an enviable and strategic geographical location, as inserted in the famous Silk Road and the main railway networks in Europe and the Middle East, besides having the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn (old estuary that penetrates the city and has become an important way of transportation, commerce, navigation and tourism).

Modern and ancient, peaceful and chaotic, here over 17 million people converge. City of contrasts, Istanbul is the eastern jewel of Europe and the western touch of Asia.

Here you will discover historical sites and objects, from the Bible’s passages and other ancient sacred texts, scenes of battles and conquests, spectacular places like Hagia SophiaBlue MosqueGrand BazaarTopkapi Palace, where you can meet and admire the former glory of the Ottoman Empire and its sultans. In Istanbul you will find history at every corner, on every street; a fascinating natural environment that we can enjoy in a boat ride through Bosphorus and a modern and hectic city, full of fun places and a rich cultural life.

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