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Why Hot Air Balloon Flights in the Cappadocia region?

Turkey’s Cappadocia region is one of the main tourist destinations. Cappadocia has strong reasons for getting a hot air balloon ride, in addition to cultural and natural beauty. Cappadocia is one of the most famous hot air balloon area in the world for the following reasons. The weather conditions for hot air ballooning in Cappadocia are excellent. About 260 flying days enable hot air balloon flights. During the early morning hours, Viaurbis Balloon conducts flights only in stable weather conditions, not windy and with a mild temperature. The landscape across Cappadocia is amazing from the balloon. You should have plenty of time to admire and capture the landscape as you are ascending through Cappadocian rock formation and valleys.

Why the Viaurbis Balloon Tours?

The Viaurbis Balloon Tours was established in 2010 as a popular balloon company. The aim of Viaurbis Balloon Tours is to offer Viaurbis Class Service, which is why it is named. This is a young venture, but it is operated by experts in the tourism industry who have spent more than 30 years in the sector. Viaurbis Balloon Tours also hires Cappadocia’s trusted and esteemed pilots to guarantee a first-class, unforgettable trip. Our service is unparalleled in its quality. You will be leaving with a lifelong experience at the end of the day.

When is the Viaurbis Balloon Tours operating?

We plan balloon flights every morning during the sunrise throughout the year.

Who decides the balloon tour cancelation?

Balloon tours depend on the weather. Turkish Civil Aviation Authority has a Cappadocia branch office that permits balloon flights when the weather conditions allow a balloon flight. All hot-air balloon companies in Cappadocia are subject to this principle.

What if, because of bad weather, my balloon tour is cancelled?

When the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority cancels your scheduled tour (due to bad weather conditions) you may choose to reschedule to the next day according to the availability or get 100 percent refund.

Do hot air balloon tours have any age limits?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept children under the age of 6 as Viaurbis Balloon. Due to the basket height, it is hard for them to see anything and so they will not enjoy the hot air balloon ride. Children under the age of 6 may also be struggling with landing.

How do hot air balloons fly?

A gas burner is used in a hot air balloon to heat the air to about 100 ° C ( 212 ° F) temperature. The heated air causes the whole balloon to rise, because the heated air is lighter and less dense than cool air around the balloon. If the air cools off inside the balloon or the hot air is released, the balloon goes down.

Why are flights so early in the morning?

In order to operate well, balloons need stable winds and the hours following sunrise are the best time to find these winds. The weather is important to decide whether to fly since balloons move with the air. The pilot chooses a starting point for flying to a suitable landing site by using the wind streams.

What are the Balloon's main parts?

Balloons with hot air have 3 main components. The wicker basket where passengers stand, and the fire resource burner and the basket envelope.

Which kind of material is the Balloon made of?

The fabric is typically constructed from nylon or polyester and is the same type of material used for parachutes. It’s very tightly woven and covered with an airtight material. The nylon is used only to maintain the hot air in the balloon. The basket loads are transferred to a series of vertical load tapes carrying the load using a steel or Kevlar cable.

Why is Basket Made of Wicker?

The wicker basket is very strong and flexible for its weight. Often the wicker is wrapped around a stainless steel or aluminum brace that reinforces the upright posts on which the burner is placed. Typically, the top of the basket and the uprights are lined and filled with suede or cloth. In balloon flight, weight is important as well, and baskets come from lightweight materials like wicker, fiberglass or aluminum.

How does the balloon become inflated?

The envelope is removed from the bag and laid out in a long line when the time comes to put the balloon up. The burners are mounted on the uprights and the basket is fixed to the cables on the base of the envelope. The envelope is filled with cold air via an engine-driven fan. A burner heats the air and the surrounding area is lifted over the basket when partly inflated. There is enough “lift” with additional heating to allow the ball to fly.

For the Burners, what kind of fuel is used?

In order to heat the air, propane gas is used to power the burners the same way you probably use the barbecue grill in your backyard. The burners are not constantly operated; only from time to time are they used to heat the air in order to sustain the rise. You should know that butane is also may be used for hot air balloons. Butane gas at low cost may trigger major problems, especially for burners as a dirty gas.

What are the instruments used by balloons?

A height indicator, a variable that shows its rate of ascent or decent, an instructional compass and a temperature indicator to indicate how warm the material is at the top of the balloon. There is a fuel gauge for each propane tank and a fuel pressure gauge for the burner.

How tall are the balloons?

Balloons may be as tall as 30 meters based on their capacity of weight.

(100 feet).

What do I need to wear?

Anything you feel comfortable in. No need to dress up. On the day of the flight, you should wear the kind of clothing you expect to wear on a walk. Sometimes in autumn or early spring, you would find a light jacket is better. Women should put on pants or shorts, and layered clothing is much safer than bulky coat. Shoes should be flat and most of the top outfit should be made of cotton instead of synthetic fibre. A cap can be of benefit for tall passengers owing to the radiant heat from the burners.

Can I take a camera with me?

Yes, taking a camera or a camcorder with you during the flight is not a problem. A hot-air ball is a perfect camera base and before, during and after the flight you can always take a lot of pictures. However, we recommend you have an appropriate protective case with you so that you can store the camera at the landing stage of the flight.

How long will it take for everything?

Your journey lasts about 3-4 hours from the beginning to the end. The inflation and getting the balloon ready usually takes about 30 minutes. It usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes for the flight itself. It takes about 30 minutes for the procedures after the flight, and the ride to and from the hotel takes about 30 minutes. For at least two hours of flying time and 30 minutes of reserve capacity, the balls always have adequate fuel.

Where are we going to land?

Great question, but nobody knows the answer to this question. Before launching, the pilot will have done flight preparation to ensure that the wind path in the forecast will not push the balloon into an inappropriate location. At varying altitudes, the pilot would use the numerous air currents in order to guide the balloon to a successful landing. The pilot also strictly adheres to agreements with local landowners. This ensures that in areas cultivated with valuable crops it is not going to travel very close to animals or property.

How far are we going to fly?

It depends on the velocity of the wind. Hot air balloons can travel up to five kilometres in an hour’s flight, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the wind’s speed. Viaurbis Balloon pilots do not want to make long-range flights because if they fly long distances there is really no worthwhile landscape. Our main objective is to show you Cappadocia ‘s marvelous landscape, rather than cropland. The balloon moves at varying altitudes. Because the balloon is at the whim of the wind, the vertical power of the balloon may be very accurate in its course. It is not uncommon for our pilots to brush the base of the basket on top of the brush or inches off the field. A leaf or a few apricots from a treetop are worth a memory of the trip!

How will the tracking crew know where we are?

We use radios to keep in touch with the tracking crew.

How high are balloons flying?

Low flight is enjoyed by most balloonists. The typical balloon would fly over the ground at a height of approximately 900 meters (3,000 feet). Climbing to higher altitudes for Cappadocia balloon flights is not necessary. It would be nice to have a panoramic view of Cappadocia for a brief time, and then it can become boring. There are strong winds at high altitudes most of the time to carry the balloon away from the main areas.

What if I am scared of heights?

Flying in a balloon basket with high sides is not the same as standing on a roof or a high ladder. You don’t feel dizzy. It is as if the earth was moving beneath you, and as you were moving with the wind, there is no wind blowing. The basket doesn’t rock or swing, as a result you can’t fall out.

I feel airsick occasionally in airplanes. Is a balloon like that?

No, not at all. In a balloon trip, the friction that usually induces motion sickness is absent. A balloon flight is basically too smooth to explain.

How should we return to the launch site or to the hotel?

A tracking vehicle and a crew follow the balloon. The balloon pilot is in constant contact through a radio with the crew and should arrive at the landing place at the same time as the tracking crew. The shuttle will take you to your hotel once the balloon is packed away (and the procedures are over).

What is the certification of Balloon Pilots?

Balloons, like all other aircrafts, are registered and subjected to regular safety checking. The CAA will not allow a balloon to be certified as safe unless such checks and inspections are carried out and certified by the approved maintenance officers. All pilots are CAA licensed and will routinely undergo flight inspections.

Who controls and ensures safety standards for ballooning?

Hot air balloons are regulated by The Civil Aviation Authority of Turkey with the same strict rules applied to aircrafts.

How do you operate a balloon?

The balloon goes where the wind blows but pilots can find wind currents of various directions at greater or lower altitudes. It’s what we call the true sailing form.

Would I feel cold in the balloon?

In high altitudes, it is normally 3,5 ° C cooler with every 300 m (1,000 feet) of altitude than at ground level. However, over the process of the ride, the pilot uses continuous burners that disperse heat all around you. We strongly recommended that 2 layers of socks and thermal underwear be worn particularly for winter flights.

What are the optimal conditions for balloon flight?

Balloons fly better in cold weather, because warm air gains good “lift”. The Viaurbis balloon will fly immediately after sunrise due to less air being present at that time.

What is the difference between a hot air balloon and a gas balloon?

Heating the air with propane helps the hot air balloon to lift. The gas balloon rises more easily with lighter air gases, such as helium or hydrogen.

Do balloons deteriorate?

A balloon envelope will last around 500 flight hours if taken care of properly. Nevertheless, Viaurbis Balloons are produced by Cameron Balloons & Lindstrand Balloons which use solid, robust long-lasting fabrics withstanding 1000 hours of flight.


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