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Taxis in Istanbul

Taxis in Istanbul are conveyances that despite the size and traffic of the city are quite fast and economical options. In Turkish they call them “taksi”. They are easy to find throughout the day and they are suitable for some more disconnected areas and roads.
taxis in istanbul
According to some, the experience can be not very favorable if you happen to get one of those people who drive so crazy (abundant). In case of need, you can ask courteously “gidin yavas, lütfen”.

Recommendations and clues

Although Istanbul use to be a quiet city where you will find no many problems with the taxi drivers, we recommend you to consider the following tips when moving around the city by taxi, it will be easier:

If it is possible, let your hotel to call you the taxi. If you are going to take it by your own, you might check it is official: yellow, with the Taksi sign and a digital meter. Also note that the driver put on the meter, if he does not, you should claim it or get off and take another taxi.

Always carry a map with you to pinpoint your target, it is common that the driver does not speak English or another language to communicate.

Is better not to pay them with large bills because they don’t like it or may tell they have no change. If you don’t have any choice, wait patiently to seek change and check it. You should also pay good attention on the money you give to the driver. One of the most common scams in the city comes from taxi drivers when you pay with a 50 TL bill, they can change it rapidly and make you believe that you gave them only 5 TL, as both banknotes are almost the same color.

We recommend you to better take a taxi from five star hotel in the area where you are. For example if you are in the Sultanahmet area, walk to the Hilton Double Tree or the Four Seasons and ask the doorman or Concierge for a taxi. In the Taksim area you can walk tot the Hyatt, Divan hotel, Intercontinental or The Marmara for a taxi.


Istanbul taxis operate with a meter and the drop rate is 2.50 TL. The price is calculated by kilometers, so jams do not affect much. For some time now the nightly rate is not running anymore, so there is just a flat rate. In the tourist areas it is common thattaxi drivers prefer to negotiate the price.

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