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Where to Stay in Istanbul?

In Istanbul you can find all kinds of accommodation, from hostels and apartments to the most luxurious hotels. In recent years prices have increased but still, by booking in advance, you may find good deals and locations.

where to stay in istanbul

The best areas

The Sultanahmet Square and its surroundings are the must touristic area of Istanbul, with the higher amount of interesting places to visit. Any accomodation in this area will be perfect.

Similarly, the areas of the Grand Bazaar and Eminonu neighborhood are very convenient, close to SultanahmetGalata and other nice sites and with a very good atmosphere.

Many travelers prefer anyway, to stay near Taksim Square and Istiklal Street, the true center of European life in the city, with hundreds of restaurants, bars, clubs, that receive thousands of local and foreigners. In this area there is all types of accommodations, including the greatest hotels of the biggest chains.

the best areas istanbul

hotels in istanbul

Hotels in Istanbul

In recent times the prices of accommodation in Istanbul, formerly much cheaper, have already reached European standards. Booking in advance will allow you to find, to give you an idea, double rooms in convenient, downtown hotels from 50 euros per night.

If, however, you are not planing to spare and want to stay in a truly spectacular site, please contact us. We will suggest the best deals and prices and help you in its processing.

Recommended Hotels

Even though we have no preferences we will refer to several luxury hotels we have worked with and have always received excellent references:

Witt Istanbul: According to the Sunday Times Travel magazine this is “one of the best hotels in the world. It’s just perfect”.

Ceylan InterContinental Hotel: 5 star hotel along the Bosphorus and very close to the famous Taksim Square. It has fabulous views across the city.

Sapphire Hotel: This is a very central hotel in Istanbul, close to the main attractions and more frequent tourist visits. It has free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Swissotel: Luxury hotel located in the center of Istanbul and with lovely Bosphorus views. It has an indoor and outdoor pools, spa and gym as well.

Tomtom Suites: This hotel, located in a historic building with beautiful views to the city offers wonderful luxury suites with jacuzzi.

Taksim Metropark: This hotel is conveniently close to Taksim Square, perfect for walking around the area of Beyoglu and in the center of the environment and the life of the European part of Istanbul. There is free wifi.

Recently apartments and hostels have becoming increasingly popular among tourists visiting Istanbul. Both options can be find and book online. Hostels are ideal for travel in groups, especially young and you can find good deals at great prices.

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