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Urgup Nevsehir City

Urgup is a village and district in the province of Nevsehir, very close to Goreme. It is known for its nightlife and its tourist options. Urgup has traditionally been the tourist center of the Cappadocia region, although today Goreme has also gained prominence in this regard.

In Urgup’s downtown fine old houses carved in the rocks remain, legitimate Cappadocian’s style. in Urgup clings to the walls of a valley, and extends along this. It has many hotels of high standard, while cheap guesthouses. On the outskirts of the city to Kayseri, there are modern hotels designed for tourists delegations.

In Urgup you can visit Temenni hill, a high ledge that shows up over the city center. From the top you have an excellent view of the area and you would observe beautiful sunsets. In one of its edges there is the supposed tomb of a saint.

According to history, in the village lived a young slave named John, known as John the Russian, as he was captured in the Russian-Turkish War of 1710-1711. For his honest character, persistence, hard work and acts of compassion for all, he won the favor of his master who gave him the opportunity, making a wish,  to opt for a life as a free man. But John refused: “My employer is Lord and there is no one above him. If he has destined me to live as a slave in a foreign land, then must be, for my own salvation.” Like this, there are other stories associated with the act of making a wish, in addition to being a place of sacrifice and prayer, so Temenni Hill is also known as Hill of Wishes.

Walking along the top you can see, in addition to the incredible view, two structures: to the west is the symbolic tomb (Türbe, built in 1286) of Ruknettin Kılıcarslan IV, ruler of the Seljuk Turks in Anatolia. The real tomb is in the way of Konya. To the east, there is a smaller building that served as one of the first libraries in the region. Today, it is a pleasant cultural center and teahouse: Buyukakten Kapadokya Kultur Merkezi, led by Mr. Bekir Demir, where exhibits are displayed free of charge.

In the municipality of Urgup and close to the city, you can also visit the small villages of YesilozMustafapasa (Sinasos) and Pancarlik Valley.

urgup nevsehir

urgup nevsehir city

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