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The Memmius Monument

This monument is located on the north side of the Domitian Square. It was built during the reign of Augustus in the first century A.D., by Memmius, the grandson of the dictator Sulla. Today you can see the figures of his father and grandfather in the survivor bricks. The structure has four sides; in the fourth century A.D., they built a square fountain in the northwest facade.

The dictator Sulla was a hero to the Romans in Ephesus. When taxes rose too high, everybody got sick from the yoke of Rome. They needed a miracle and it came with Mitridiates, from the Pontic Empire of the Black Sea coast, with his famous slogan “Asia for Asians”. With his army he defeated 80 000 Romans. Three years after his revolt, the Roman army under the commands of Sulla defeated Mitridiates and restored security in the city. This monument was built in honor of this victory, in 87 B.C.


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