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Shopping in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a perfect place to explore shops and buy souvenirs and local crafts. Many of the most famous Turkish goods come from this region or get commercialized through it to Istanbul or other coastal cities. The owners of small shops in the area let us enjoy and quietly observe their products without the typical sales pressure of Istanbulite bazaars.

shopping in cappadocia
Carpets and Rugs: Cappadocia is known for its beautiful rugs and carpets, available in various colors, designs and sizes. Among the most famous in Turkey are those of Yahyahli region, just two hours from Goreme. The women in this area during the summer, make the carpets in their yurts (tents) along the mountain side. The spinning and dyeing of wool is made from natural plants, with designs and motifs that make them true works of art.

CeramicsCappadocia has been famous since the Hittite times for its beautiful and unique ceramic art created by the old Wheel technique. For generations, families of artisans from the town of Avanos have created unique designs and reproduced antique pieces.

In Avanos, each site offers demonstrations of pottery craftsmen and in some, you can try yourself the old wheel technique. All pottery shops wrap and package their products properly and safely for transportation and also offer home delivery to anywhere in the world.

Jewelry: Cappadocia offers handcrafted jewelry with unique designs and authorized recreations of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The local jewelers are revered for the beauty and quality of their work and the use of precious metals and stones. The stores also offer tours around their workshops and explains the types of jewelry made and the various pieces from the Sultan’s collection. The Hacibektas village is famous for his work in onyx.

Local arts and crafts: Women in Cappadocia create fantastic knitted, crochet and beads articles, such as scarves, jewelry, knitwear and dolls.

Small groups of women in the area can be seen in the warmer seasons sitting outside their homes drawing pads and discussing the daily affairs of the people. You can also make home visits to see the way they live and conduct their work in their excavated houses, and purchase directly ther crafts.

Similarly, there are local artists, sculptors, painters, etc., exhibiting his works in the area or in their own homes. If you are looking for a unique piece, you can contact them.

Among the dolls, the most famous are those of Soganli village, made of wood. Until the tourists showed interest in them, these dolls were just homemade toys for children. They can be bought very cheap in the area of Uchisar.

shopping in cappadocia jewelry

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