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Hamams or Turkish Baths in Cappadocia

Nowadays, there still are many hamams in Cappadocia, playing their original roll and serving the locals.

There are two different types of hamamstraditional hamams operating in the old times buildings and the contemporary, which function as spas, especially for tourists. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the two options, which likewise will provide you relaxation and a good cleaning.

hamams or turkish baths in cappadocia

The hamams in Cappadocia are quiet and safe. Some have separate areas for men and women, while others offer special hours for women and the rest of the time working in a mixed environment.

While there are great and excellent hamams throughout Turkey, including them in your trip to Cappadocia looks like a very good idea, especially after the long hours of walking through the valleys of the region.

Hamams in Cappadocia

Here we suggest some of the best hammams in Cappadocia:

The Ürgüp Hamam: Formerly known as the Pagan Hamam because of its location in Greek town, this hamam is located in an old building from Seljuk period and works with an almost millennial heating system, that some called “fit for hell”. This hamam is led by Osman Tasar and his three sons. With a very professional service, they have achieved a good reputation in Cappadocia in a quaint and familiar atmosphere.

The Elis Hamam of Goreme: This site offers fully modern services in its facilities of more than 400 years, kept in an amazing state. Single use clothes are delivered and overall cleanliness is impeccable.

Bayramhaci Kaplicasi (Hot Spring): If you are someone who likes to escape from the crowds and the flow of tourists, these baths are the ideal. Bayramhacı is only 25 kilometers from Avanos and this town founded in 1570 is not a typical tourist destination.

Karavezir Pasa Hamam: These historical baths of Gülsehir are a perfect choice for family. Built in 1777, they were the first of a complex of buildings and represent the classical Ottoman Turkish baths. Karavezir Paşa, born in this small village, was the Grand Vizier of Sultan Abdulhamid I.

Allaaddin Hammam and Spa: This beautiful hamam has some unique features to offer to guests, from the pictures on the walls and the decorations in the courtyard, to the included services, such as hookah pipe, a bowl of fruit or the traditional Turkish music. This hamam is mixed, so that you can enter in pairs and groups and if you come alone they would call a shuttle to take you to your hotel or pension.

Meteris, Turkish baths of Nevsehir: Combining great hospitality and kindness, a spacious and clean ambience, with the hottest steam room that you can visit, make this hamam deserving of our recommendation. After exfoliation and massage bubbles, you can take a refreshing dip in the cold pool, then relax in the locker room with a glass of ayran, a typical Turkish drink salty yogurt-based, with a few extra ingredients added by the host, Mr. Osman Bal.

turkish baths in cappadocia

baths in cappadocia

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