Whirling Dervishes Live Show and Exhibition


Go on a spiritual journey and witness the 800-year-old Sema ceremony of the whirling dervishes, an amazing experience of music and motion. It will take you on a magical path through mind and love to perfection.

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About Whirling Dervishes Live Show


The Hodjapasha Cultural Center is a charmant component of a stunning architectural complex next to the majestic Hagia Sophia Basilica and the spectacular Topkapi Palace. It was transformed into a large hammam (Turkish bath) in the 15th century, and now welcomes visitors to under its high ceilings to display some of the best traditions of this huge country.

See Mevlevi ‘s magical ritual which was designated a UNESCO Humanity Heritage performance. The Sema ceremony is a journey to “perfection” through mind and love— a truly astonishing and amazing experience of music and motion.

The exhibition presents information about the ceremony they are celebrating and objects of dervishes, such as clothing, instruments of music and personal tools, books. The show also features interactive Rumi poems, Sufi music pieces, dervish sculptures and visual exhibits.

Cost: 12€ (adults), (children aged between 7-12 FREE)

*Children under 7 years of age are not allowed

*Photography is not allowed

*Please be present at the theatre 30 minutes before the performance

*Our theater is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Notice: For the sake of a friendly ritual, latecomers may join the ceremony in the first 10 minutes. Visitors coming after 15 minutes are considered No Show reservation and the ticket price is not refundable.

Covid-19 Measures

*A safe distance of one meter between clients will be maintained whenever possible

*It is mandatory to use the masks.

*Those clients who don’t have their own will be given masks.

*Before, during and after service, alcohol gel will be available.

*Printed documents such as program booklets are avoided from being distributed.

*There will be no beverage service

*The temperature and well-being of everyone participating in the service will be monitored every day, anyone who shows fever or symptoms will be excluded and maintained in quarantine.

*The venue will be disinfected daily.

*All participants’ temperatures will be taken, and those with temperatures above 37 degrees Celsius (99 Fahrenheit) will be denied access and a full refund will apply.

*With a social distance of 1 meter, the venue’s capacity will be reduced to 35% of the maximum capacity.

*Just show your voucher on your phone and you don’t need to print anything.

*Payment should be made, if possible, by contactless credit cards at the box office.

*These measures will apply until 1 March 2021.


*Watch a fabulous dance performance that is 800 years old

*Enter the Hodjapasha Cultural Center in a restored 550 year old Ottoman Turkish bath

*Learn the spiritual journey of Mevlevi Sema

*Enjoy a wonderful repertoire of music

*Watch the miraculous dervishes

See a splendid 1-hour show at the Mevlevi Sema Culture Center Hodja Pasha in the center of Istanbul, witnessing the miracle of whirling dances and dervishes. The show is 800 years old and represents the idea in an exciting way that everything revolves in the universe, from the atoms, the sun, to the blood circulating through the body. Sema is a spiritual journey that leads the soul to God while it reaches maturity and unity. Following the journey, it comes back to life and serves humanity once more. This exciting program begins with a concert of classical Turkish music, followed by the Sema ceremony, which consists of 7 parts.

Watch as the whirling dervishes take their seats and worship the Prophet Mohammed. After the chant, a drum voice is heard and all seven sections are announced,–the ritual climaxes as incredible dervishes revolves to symbolise the birth of mankind. The Sema finishes with a Fâtiha for the souls of propehts, martyrs, and the believers and the praying for the country’s redemption. Selected as the Best Authentic Local Event in Turkey by the Federation of Tourist Guides in 2010, this fantastic show is taking place at the fantastic Hodja Pasha Cultural Center, a 550-year-old restored Ottoman Turkish bath in Sultan Hemmat Sarkisi.

What is included?

– Ceremony tickets

– Program booklet

– Complementary drinks

Important information to know before going:

– Children younger than 7 years of age are not allowed

– The venue is not accessible by the wheelchair

– Remember that there are no distractions during this show; filming, talking and cheering are not allowed throughout the event.


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