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Book Turkish Night Show and get ready to enjoy exotic belly dance shows, folk dance performances, whirling dervishes show and live DJ performances while having a great dinner menu.

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The Kervansaray Turkish Night Show Istanbul is a 5 minute walk from hotels with 5 stars, such as Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hyatt Regency Hotel, the Marmara Hotel, Ceylan intercontinental Hotel, the Swiss Hotel, and Divan Hotel. It is located between Lutfi Kirdar Exhibition center and the Hilton Hotel in the Congress Valley.

The Kervansaray Turkish Night Show Istanbul includes the most beautiful Turkish belly dancers with exotic and sensual dance shows, different folk groups with traditional dance shows from different parts of Turkey and an exceptional Turkish singer-showman who entertains our guests with both international and local songs.

The Kafkas Crew brings you the breeze of the Caucasus Mountains, which is a land of beautiful people, a land of fairy tales. Our guests will watch the performance of the Anadolu Motifleri group, performing folk dances from different regions of our precious land.  Experience a mystical dance performance that will take you on a tour to the Middle East with our belly dancers.

For many years, the iconic nightclub has welcomed millions of people and various international stars including Enrico Macias, Gilbert Becaud, Sylvie Vartan, Adamo, Peppino di Capri, most of whom performed on the stage. Our tasty International cuisine and our dazzling shows continue to attract visitors from all over the globe.

Show Programme

  • Live performances by Kervansaray Orchestra before the show
  • Whirling dervish performance
  • Folkloric dance performances from different parts of Turkey accompanied by traditional instruments
  • Most beautiful Middle Eastern belly dancers
  • A great showman who sings songs from around the globe
  • Live DJ show late at night

Dinner Menu

  • Menu with alcohol: 50€

Appetizer Plate:

Tomato, cucumber, Kisir (similar to tabbouleh), saksuka (dried fried aubergines in tomato garlic sauce), grape leaf fillings, fetta cheese, yogurt with mint, hummus, Turkish  cheddar cheese, Spicy paste, veal ham and Turkish puff pastry with fetta cheese


Lettuce, carrot, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, corn and olives

Mixed grills:

Meatballs, Grilled Beef, Grilled Chicken Chops with Bulgur Pilaf, Grilled Tomatoes, Grilled Pepper and Potato Wedgeson the side/ Turkish Traditional Hunkar Begendi (Eggplant Paste With Beef), Grilled Chicken Chops with Bulgur Pilaf, Grilled Tomatoes, Grilled Pepper and Potato Wedges on the side/ Grilled Meatballs with Bulgur Pilaf, Grilled Tomatoes, Grilled Pepper and Potato Wedges on the side.


Traditional Turkish dessert or seasonal fruits

Additional Info

2 ways shuttle service is free of charge

Children between 0-3 years:  free of charge

Children between 3-9 years: 20% discount




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