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The Brothel

A peristyle house at the corner of Curetes Street and Marble Road has been identified as a brothel, because in the excavations it was found a statue of Priapus with a large phallus. This statue is exhibited in the Ephesus Museum.

The building dates from the Trajan period (98-117 AD) and has two entrances, one from the Marble Road and one from Curetes Street. It has a room on the first floor and a series of small rooms on the second. On the west side of the house there was a reception with colorful mosaics on the floor, symbolizing the four seasons.

In the next chamber there is the bath with an elliptical pool. On the floor of the pool there is a mosaic depicting three women eating and drinking, a waitress standing and a mouse and a cat eating crumbs. A famous foot mark engraved on the marble of one of the entrances, seemed to point the way to visitors.


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