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Rose and Red Valleys

Gulludere and Kizilcukur Valleys-Rose and Red Valleys

The Gulludere and Kizilcukur valleys, known as Rose and Red Valleys, are close to Cavuşin and not far from Goreme.

gulludere and kizilcukurFrom the heights of Uchisar you will have high visibility of these valleys and Bozdağ Mountain, a flat plateau whose erosion helped forming these valleys. Both, the Red and the Rose, can be walked from one end to another, in sightseeing tours where you can admire the unique scenery and visit some of the twelve churches that exist in them.

At the entrance of Red Valley, walking from Ortahisar, you can visit the Church of the Grapes (Uzumlu Kilise), excavated in a tuff cone completely hollowed that formerly harbored a monastic complex. This church has a square plan with an apse and a single nave and in its decoration, with a predominance of orange color, abound geometrical figures and grape bunches, from what it takes its name.

Still in the Red Valley you will find the Hacli Kilise or Church of the Cross, which is accessed by a narrow road to the top of the hill on which was excavated, with beautiful views of the valley. This particular church is known for its perfect acoustics. Descending from it there is the Dört Sutunlu Kilise or Church of the Four Columns, at the foot of the hill.

Connecting with Rosa Valley you will encounter on your journey the Güllüdere Church or Church of San Agathangelos, at the left side and about two miles to Çavuşin. The church was built with a square design, flat roof and a large apse added later to the original structure, which dates from the sixth or seventh centuries.

On the roof you can see a cross in a circle, made in relief, surrounded by wreaths and palm leaves. The cross is a recurrent symbol in the frescoes and decorations of the buildings excavated in Cappadocia, so it is not surprising that later we will find the famous Church of the Three Crosses, carved into the side of a cliff and that similarly it has three crosses in relief as part of the decoration of the ceiling.

Both valleys are interconnected, waymarked and have small makeshift cafes and shops where you can take a brake for tea, water or another refreshing drink. In about 4 hours (or less) you can make the whole journey through both valleys with dense nature areas and natural wealth.

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Gulludere and Kizilcukur Valleys-Rose and Red Valleys
Gulludere and Kizilcukur Valleys-Rose and Red Valleys

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