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Ancient city of Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis, Terrace Houses … Discover all these iconic sights accompanied by a professional English-speaking guide on a Private Full Day Tour in Ephesus.

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About Private Full Day Tour in Ephesus

Private tour of Ephesus. You choose!

Private Tour in Ephesus, Accompanied by a Professional English-Speaking Guide.

We offer personalized Ephesus private tours with local guides, who will show you skilfully around the main places and attractions in Ephesus. You can even make your very own private Ephesus trip with the choice that you like best. We do have the support of a local guide who can lead you to explore the most interesting ancient town, Ephesus.

Visit the ancient quarters and main tourist destinations and experience Ephesus’ elegance and charm. From the beginning of the tour right to the end, our skilled certified local guides will be there with you and are happy to share their knowledge of Ephesus, Turkish culture and life style. With Turkish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and German speaking tour guides, we offer private tours in Ephesus.

Experience the best tour in Ephesus by unique private led tours. The private tours of Ephesus are great fo; travelers of cruise, travelers sleeping overnight at Hotels Kusadasi, Sirince, Izmir and Selcuk, those who want a day trip from Istanbul to Ephesus, groups, conferences, retirement groups, church groups and even families seeking a way to add excitement to their wedding celebrations, birthdays , anniversaries or other celebrations.

Please contact us for further questions and information regarding Ephesus and Ephesus Tours.

Highlights of Ephesus Tour

  • Ephesus
  • House of Virgin Mary
  • Temple of Artemis
  • Terrace Houses
  • You will be greeted at the Kusadasi Port / Izmir Airport or at the Kusadasi, Izmir or Selcuk hotels by your private guide.
  • First, we will take you to House of Virgin Mary in a brand new vehicle. The Virgin Mary’s House is one of the Christians’ centers where Mary passed her recent time and died. In 1967 Pope Paul VI, in 1979 Pope Paul II and in 2006 Pope Benedict XVI visited this place. They left a few contributions for this shrine after their tour, which you see on your visit.
  • Our next destination will be Ephesus Ancient City after the house of Virgin Mary. Ephesus is one of the best-preserved ancient Greco-Roman cities in the world, famous with Odeon, which is known as the city’s concert hall and city council, Domitian Temple, which at the time was one of the first temples dedicated to men; Celcius Library, the third largest library in antiquity; Amphitheater, which is one of the largest amphitheaters in the world with a capacity of 24,000 people and where Saint-Paul preached; Roman baths; Fountain; Temple; Agora; Love house; Public toilets; The terrace houses in which the rich lived in Ephesus in Roman times were famous for their mosaics and frescoes.
  • Our last stop after Ephesus is Artemis Temple, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient time.


  • This tour requires at least five hours to complete.
  • For people with disability, terrace house is not advised due to the steps.
  • We can skip some of the above-mentioned sights based on your request.
  • We are located in Ephesus / Kusadasi. For further information of our tours in other towns and cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, please contact us.

Places to visit:

  • Ancient city of Ephesus
  • House of Virgin Mary
  • Temple of Artemis
  • Terrace Houses

Price 110euro


What’s included:

  • English speaking guide (or any of the languages of choice)
  • Premium air conditioned travel
  • Pick up and drop-off service
  • Museum and site entrance fees according to the route.

What’s not İncluded:

  • Gratuities to the guide and the driver
  • Any items not specified as included

FAQ on Ephesus and Private Ephesus Tours

Why should I book an Ephesus Travel Guide tour? Can't I make my tour on my own?

You can of course organize your own tours, but why would you? Transportation and, more importantly, the services of an experienced local guide are also included when booking a tour from the Ephesus Travel Guide. You are always confident that with your investment you can see the most. You should always be confident that with your money you can see the most. You can also save time and money by booking a tour via the Ephesus Travel Guide. We have thought of everything for you. You will spend less time researching and have more fun. Pick among the best and most famous city tours in a port of call depending on your curiosity, supported by local experts who know the port, background and culture.

What is included in the tours? / Are the tour guides the drivers as well?

Transportation and the tour guide are part of the tour. Drivers are different from tour guides. As the tour guide reflects on the nearby sights and history, your driver’s going to stay by the car. From the upper gate you enter Ephesus and go down the hill. At the lower gate, your driver should greet you. You ‘re going to save much time. We do not include entry fees and parking fees because you may choose to adjust your tour during your trip. We can also supply you with packages for entry and lunch on request.

How challenging are tours physically?

Some tours require a small amount of movement, although certain tours involve intensive walking. We highly suggest comfortable, low-heeled walking shoes regardless the fitness level.

How can I tip our guide / driver?

It is entirely optional to extend gratuities to your guide or driver. In Turkey, however, these staff may expect you to recompense them on a monetary basis if you are pleased with their services. The standard recommendations are € 3 for a half day per person and € 4 for the entire day per person.

Where to find our guide in the port of Kusadasi or Izmir? How should I recognise our tour guide in the port?

You will be greeted by your private tour guide in front of Kusadasi port or the port terminal Izmir. He or she’s going to carry the name tag. Please note the meeting points on the right pictures.

What should I wear?

Guests should always wear comfortable walking shoes. Wear rubber-soled shoes when visiting ruins or walking on cobble-stone streets. We advise you wear a sun hat. When attending the House of Virgin Mary or the Isa Bey Mosque, there is no need for a scarf to cover your head.

Will I have time for shopping?

Shopping time is allocated as part of the excursion. Our tours do not include shopping visits. Depending on the time, options may be offered. Shopping stops during the tour will only occur if requested by the guest.

Are the tours the same ones offered by the cruise lines?

Cruise lines offer similar tours to the same locations. The main difference is that a private representative will meet you upon arrival, make reservation in advance and save time and money.

Why should I book Ephesus Travel Guide tours instead of booking the cruise ship on board?

These trips are 30 – 40% less than what you would get on a ship – you will save money. You will avoid long lines at the ship’s tour desk. All tours are planned and confirmed prior to sailing. There is no chance of selling out like on the ship. Full price is refunded if the tour is canceled or the ship misses the port due to bad weather.

How trustworthy is Ephesus Travel Guide?

Our tours are very reliable. is a Transbalkan Tours Ltd web trademark that has been offering tour services since 1963. Transbalkan Tours are well-known. relies on the same experiences you ‘d encounter on a cruise ship for customer satisfaction at cheaper costs.

We never went to Ephesus before how can we make the most of our time?

The local guides are known as top specialists on local history and sights and give you the chance to explore and appreciate their hometowns to the full. The excursions mentioned are planned and coordinated to optimize your time while also providing adequate free time.

What kind of transportation is used for the tours?

Depending on the number of people in your party, transport types vary considerably. We ‘re operating with the brand new cars of Volkswagen and Mercedes. We have air conditioning in all our vehicles. When you want to travel with your friends, you should leave the ship together, because that helps the guide.

Please visit for more information:

Vehicle Types for Private Ephesus Tours and Private Airport Transfers from/to Izmir Airport

What was Ephesian people's formal language?

Greek was the common language during Ephesus’ time. In spite of the Latin official language, Greek was the international language used throughout the Roman Empire. That’s why all the rules have been published in both languages.

Am I going on tours with a group?

We offer only private tours. Besides your personal guide and driver, you would be the only person in your vehicle.

What's the protocol for paying for my tour?

Payment can be made at the end of the tour in Euro or in US Dollar, in cash. No advance payment is required. Credit card payments are not acceptable.

Will we have to get a visa for Turkey?

Passengers on cruise ships that call to the Turkish Port of Calls are considered in-transit and don’t need a visa.

What is your policy on cancelation?

You can cancel a tour without any fee 72 hours before departure. When you decide to cancel a trip, just contact us and we would be happy to help you. When you enter the 24-hour tour departure period, the tour will not be reimbursed This is because the guides and vehicles have set up different locations to accommodate your requests, so it’s often not possible to fill that space with another customer just before departure.

If I miss my tour because the ship is late or cannot reach the port, will there be a charge?

If you cannot depart a tour due to a ship delay or to a missed call, no fee will be applied. If the conditions or service issues preclude the tour from being completed, you will obtain the full reimbursement.

If I do not book through the cruise line, is there a chance of missing the ship?

No, not so. Although the cruise lines want you to think that the danger is implicit in individual tours, we are also well conscious of your time off and our tours are intended to carry you back to the ship with time to save. Furthermore, until now, no customer missed the ship by arriving late.

What are the entry rates for Ephesus?

Admission fees approximate costs:

Ephesus: 12 Euro per person

House of Mary: 7 Euro p.p.

Temple of Artemis: Free of Charge

Sirince Village: Free of charge

Isa Bey Mosque: Free of Charge

Terrace Houses: 6 Euro p.p.

St. John’s Basilica: 3 Euro p.p.

Ephesus Museum: 3 Euro p.p.

Should I purchase tickets beforehand?

Tickets can conveniently be bought on sites. There are no lengthy lines at sites.

Many sites allow credit card purchases.

Do we pay for the tour guide’s ticket?

No, there is no charge for the tour guides at the sites.

How informative will our guide be, and what are the details of the places we will see in Ephesus?

Our guides are approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for your private Ephesus Tour. The university program of 2 or 4 years, including archeology or history, is necessary to obtain this licence. During any point of the tour, our qualified guide will be there with you to remind you of the area’s archeological, historical and cultural facts. They are experienced guides who tour Ephesus about 200 times a year.

What are Ephesus' operating hours?

Ephesus is available everyday. Hours of visiting vary according to the season.

Summer Time Hours: 08.30 – 19.00

Winter Time Hours: 08.30 – 17.00

Who wrote the Ephesians' letter?

St. Paul wrote the Letter of Ephesians when he was incarcerated in Rome. He had written two letters to his fellow Timothy before he was executed. Paul wrote the letter to the Corinthians when he was in Ephesus, 53-56 AD  Corinthians No. 1, when Paul was in Ephesus, was written.

How long does it take to visit Ephesus?

It is entirely up to you. You will begin our tour from the upper gate and walk down the hill. The Ephesus tour ends at the bottom gate. The length of the tour can differ based on your interest, travel speed and traffic before you. Our tours require about 2 hours under normal circumstances.

How long did Paul stay in Ephesus?

The biblical scholars claim that St. Paul came to Ephesus with his fellow men including Timothy, Silas, Aquila, Pricilla, and even Luke the writer of the gospel at the end of his second missionary trip. He told them that in 53AD he would return to Antioch and returned to the city of Ephesus. He remained in Ephesus for over 2.5 years, before Demetrius’s revolt at the Grand Ephesian Theatre began. Click here for more detail on Ephesus’ biblical history.

Are there discounts for local airfares, food, restaurants and hotels for SENIOR citizens?

Senior citizens don’t get any discounts. There is free admission at the sites only for Turkish citizens older than 65 years of age.



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