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Nevsehir Museum

It was opened in 1988 and it presents the results and findings of the vast majority of the excavations in the area. Certainly, a must-see for devotees of history and archeology.

The museum has two showrooms, archaeological and ethnographical. On the ground floor, animal bones and fossils of earlier times are exhibited, being very interesting the marine species found in the south of Cappadocia, which seems to show that the region was once an inland sea.

The archaeological remains are exhibited on the ground floor of the museum, according to their respective eras. It contains beautiful and very well preserved items, from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Stone steles, tablets, coins and medals collections of various periods are also very interesting.

The ethnographic exhibition hall is located on the top floor of the museum, where it usually exhibit porcelain, clothing, weapons, cooking utensils and ornaments of the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. The most attractive part of this room is usually the section of rare ancient manuscripts.

In general, this museum is a living memory of Cappadocia and a way to protect and admire its history.

nevsehir museum

museum nevsehir

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