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Museums in Ephesus

In Ephesus and its surroundings there are several museums. In fact, the city of Ephesus, or archaeological site, is a museum itself, a real live sample of its ancient history. Then we suggest the museums that we consider of more interest:

Ephesus Archaeological Museum: It is located in Selçuk, 70 km from Izmir, where there was once the ancient Ephesus.

Izmir Archaeological Museum: Considered one of the first museums built in western Anatolia, the Izmir Archaeology Museum is categorized as a regional museum rather than local because of its amazing collection of works of art.

Commercial History Museum of Izmir: This is the first commercial history museum in Turkey, created by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. It exhibits ship models, ceramics, clay figurines, stamps, glassware, gold, etc.

Dario Moreno House Museum and the “Elevator”: The house in which the famous Dario Moreno used to live with his family has been transformed into a small museum.

Train Museum (Çamlik): It is the largest steam locomotive museum in Turkey. It features 33 steam locomotives, who served for many years.

Selçuk Memorial Museum: This Memorial Museum, recently opened, is in one of the oldest buildings in Selçuk, built in the nineteenth century by a British tobacco company.

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