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Istanbul’s Prices

Istanbul has a high living cost, compared to other popular destinations in the area and the rest of the cities of Turkey. No long ago Istanbul used to be cheaper than the European standard, but in recent years, including the rise of inflation and the incorporation of KDV -18 percent tax on each product-, commodity prices have increased and thus the cost of living in general.


To give you an idea, we quote some examples:

Monthly rent of a 1 bedroom apartment in a central location: 1000 TL.
Monthly rent of a 3 bedroom flat in a central location: 1775 TL.
Milk (1 liter): 1.75 TL.
White Bread Loaf: Between 1 and 2 TL.
Cappuccino: Between 5.50 and 8 TL.
Coca Cola: 2 TL.
Cup or bottle of domestic beer: Between 6 and 9 TL
Full meal, three dishes, in a midrange Restaurant: 30 TL.
Average Rate of taxis per kilometer: 1.6 TL
Average rate of public transportation, per trip: 2 TL
Gasoline, for l litre: 4.72 TL.

Our Approach:

Istanbul is often in the first place among the cities with higher gasoline prices in the world, so that rent a car to get around, it is not advisable. We also recommend to pay in Turkish Lira, as though in several places accept euros and dollars, the rates are not very favorable.

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