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Ephesus: General Information

Ephesus was in ancient times a city of Asia Minor, current Turkish territory, located at the end of Mount Pion and Cayster river’s mouth, with a port called Panormo, which was getting bogged over time, causing the loss of the city’s commercial prominence.

The last Ephesus was east of the hill of Ayasoluk, although earlier the city had three previous settlements throughout the area. Member of the twelve Ionian cities of the Aegean, Ephesus was an important religious, commercial and cultural center.

The city was very famous among other things for the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and in general for all its splendor and history that made it an important player of all life, art, architecture, politics, religion and wisdom in the region.

Ephesus was one of the seven churches of Asia mentioned in the Revelation Book and served as a home to the Apostle Paul, John and the Virgin Mary herself, as well as a seat to several Religious Councils.

For many centuries, the city began to lose importance and its inhabitants were moving to other urban centers around, so today Ephesus is a real Open Air Museum and one of the largest archaeological sites in the world, where scientific and historical investigations and excavations are still going on.

Currently on the site of Ephesus you can see amazing architectural works, including the famous Hippodamus urbanization, buildings of all types and unique monuments that give us an idea of the ancient splendor of this historic city. Thousands of tourists walk today its ancient streets that make up one of the most spectacular city-museums in the world.

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