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Ephesus Archaeological Museum

It is located in Selcuk, 70 km from Izmir, where there was once the ancient Ephesus.

The first works of art found in the excavations of 1867-1905 were transferred to the British Museum and then taken to Vienna, currently exhibiting. Once founded the Turkish Republic it banned foreign ownership of the antiquities of the country and founded a museum in Selcuk to hold and display the findings of Ephesus.

The Ephesus Museum is different from other traditional museums. Their showrooms are designed not chronologically, as is usual, but rather thematically. Its rooms have names like The House of Findings, the living Fountain Relics, the Hall of funerary relics, the hall of Artemis, Section of gladiators, etc.

The Ephesus Museum is open every day from 8:30 to 17:30, in summer time, and 8:30 to 18:30 in winter. The entrance has a price of 8 TL.


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