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Cabin Rental in a Shared Gulet

If you do not want to rent a gulet exclusively for you and your family and prefer to share your journey with other travelers, please contract our services. Viaurbis-Albatros offers you incredible gulet deals with separate, independent cabins for double or triple accommodation and various routes.

You can choose from our gulet cruises on the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean, according to the different routes and proposals, which may be 3, 4 or 7 days. Our most popular tours sails from Fethiye (Saturday and Sunday), Marmaris (Tuesday and Wednesday) and Göçek (Tuesday) and usually operate between April and October.

In the experience of our customers, this is an economical, fun, relaxed, with in-flight service, accommodation and meals included, which allows you also to make new friends and share together an unforgettable journey.

Among our cruise offerings, highlights the popular Blue Cruise Getaway, between Fethiye and Marmaris, through Göçek and Cleopatra bays, as well as other sailings and anchorages in a journey of four days and three nights. From the same extent we offer our Paradisiacal Bays, from Marmaris to Fethiye, meeting GöbünTersane or Shipyard Islands and Pinari Turunc Bay, among other places.

For a stay of 8 days and 7 nights we propose a Blue Paradise, a Dance with Aphrodite and the Med and Halicarnassus Tours, where you can enjoy the places mentioned above plus Yassica IslandsDalyan and Ekincik Bays, English PortOrak islandCokertme and Karacasogut towns and Bodrum city, the ancient Halicarnassus and an ideal place to relax and have fun.

Also, if you want to sail a little further we propose several possible routes to Greek Islands as KnidosRhodesSimiNisyrosKos and Black or AmorgosIslandLevitaSantoriniIosParosNaxos and Mykonos , the most cosmopolitan of all the Greek Islands.

Moreover, you can rent a cabin on an organized tour for diving enthusiasts, with planned dives, lessons and professional equipment.

Take a Blue Cruise and enjoy a unique experience in a region that has much to offer: sun, blue skies, good sailing winds, perfect anchorages, magnificent natural landscapes, historical sites, delicious dining options and friendly, hospitable people.

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