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About Turkish Gulets

The traditional Turkish Gulet, made entirely of wood, are known for their wide cabins, a spacious foredeck, indoor and outdoor dining rooms, and all the typical features of a traditional gulet, offering us modern sailboats, motor fitted but based on a classic Turkish design.

Our company has modern, traditional, wooden, Turkish gulets, conditioned for navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, between 16 and 36 meters long, with a spacious deck and equipped for up to 30 people in private cabins with shower and WC. They also have hot and cold running water around the boat, as well as an indoor lounge, hi-fi, fridge, VHF radio, 220 W generator, a motorized boat, and a minimum of three members as crew.

The crew consists of 3 people, the captain, the cook and the sailor. They are at your service 24 hours a day to make your cruise vacation as pleasant as possible. The crew has all the right papers and authorizations of the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Directorate of the Republic of Turkey. During your stay in Turkey and your voyage in a Turkish gulet one of our employees will be responsible to assist you at all times, available 24 hours for anything you might need.

How are gulets built?

Build a new gulet costs between 300,000 and several million euros depending on your choice of materials and technical equipment, and the delivery time will be between 12 and 24 months.

The interior design of the gulet has greatly changed over the years: the dining and sitting areas have gained in breadth, the cabins are cozy and comfortable, air conditioned and sometimes you can even find a jacuzzi.

The gulets are usually classified according to the stern, with two basic models: round stern and straight sterns, with ketch or sloop like appearance. From afar, the silhouette of a rounded stern is more aesthetic, more artistic, but certainly, straight aft schooners are much more spacious.

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