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The Prytaneion

Behind the Basilica is the Prytaneion, where religious ceremonies, official receptions and banquets took place. A sacred flame symbolizing the heart of Ephesus, remained permanent here.

The building dates from the third century B.C., during the reign of Lysimachus, although the ruins of the complex take us to the Augustan age.

The facade of the building features four columns, behind which appears a courtyard surrounded by a portico, and north in the center of the building, the ceremonial hall and side rooms. The red color in the floor of the ceremony room tells us that it was here where the eternal flame used to burn. Towards the back door, there was a large area, with wooden ceiling, in where even today we can distinguish a base of an altar.

During excavations at this location, archaeologists found two statues of Artemis, exhibited now in the Museum of Ephesus.


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