Sunset Horseback Riding Tour in Cappadocia


Enjoy an unforgettable experience during your stay in Cappadocia by taking our fantastic Sunset Horseback Riding Tour in the spectacular valleys of Cappadocia.

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About Sunset Horseback Riding tour in Cappadocia

Through our itineraries, we want to show you several routes in which you can enjoy Cappadocia, since horses have occupied a distinctive place in its history for thousands of years, and for this reason, it is called «The land of beautiful horses».

In these activities, you can combine adventure, history, culture and nature and explore through these routes perfect scenarios riding native horses of Anatolia and Arabia guaranteeing your safety and understanding with a local guide.

Cappadocia is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts unique and fascinating landscapes around the world, as among many, the valleys of the “Fairy Chimney” that you will discover on your trip during your holidays in Turkey.

We offer the following routes depending on the time you want since they are the most beautiful trails to see and visit in these incredible lands.

Horseback riding in Cappadocia-1 hour: Ride along the banks of the Kizilirmak River.

Cappadocia Horse Safari -2 hours: We will go up to the Ziyaret Mountain to enjoy a beautiful panorama and visit a refreshing natural spring.

Cappadocia Horseback Riding – 4 hours / Route 1: We will ride through the Zelve, Pasabagi and Cavusin village, this last place is full of caves dug in the rocks.

Cappadocia Horseback Riding-4 hours / Route 2: We will travel along the banks of the Kizilirmak River and reach the small fishing village of Sarihidir, and go to the Caravanserai in Sarihan, a place that was built in the 13th century.

Cappadocia Horseback Riding- Full Day: We will travel through this route through beautiful valleys until we reach the ancient cities of Uchisar, Goreme and Cavusin.


The most popular tours are 2 and 4 hours.

The valleys we cover on our daily horseback riding tours depend on weather conditions and your riding experience.

Most of our rides take place in the surroundings of the Red and Pink Valley, the Love Valley, the White Valley, the Sword Valley, the Honey Valley.

Additional Information:

What is an endurance-riding race?

Hearing words like endurance horseback riding, endurance racing, etc., the first thing that comes to mind is horse racing.

Endurance riding is associated with horse racing, but these are not similar competitions to those we can see on the racetracks of a racecourse. Endurance riding is a type of equestrian sport based on long-distance controlled riding.

This sport is not about being the fastest rider with your horse and reaching the finish line, here the main characteristic is the resistance that the rider and his horse have through the various challenges imposed by the competition, and it is the riding of the horse itself. As a rider and the resistant fitness of your horse, “Resistance Riding” allows you to train horses to be fit and athletic. Some riders compete to improve the performance of their horses and consider that when their horses pass all vet checks they have a won victory.

Endurance races can be of any distance, but generally involve routes between 40 km and 160 km. A winner is declared based on the condition of the horse and rider during the entire start and end trip. What is taken into account in these races is how well the rider and horse can be in the performance of their work together as a unit, how they merge, becoming one body, how they understand and trust each other.

The racetrack for this sport is not hard terrain like that used for motor vehicles, but natural surfaces such as dirt tracks, they are not paved roads. These competitions propose that, along the way, there will be natural obstacles that will be overcome, such as hard or soft soil, different types of land with different types of height; there may be water wells, watercourses, and ditches; the weather can be sunny, windy, rainy, or snowy. These challenging natural conditions mean that the rider and horse must be perfectly fit and also in perfect harmony with each other.

Only that harmony, it is a fusion will ensure that the rider and the horse manage to finish the race together and in perfect health. Veterinarians check the health of the horses periodically throughout each endurance race. If there is any suspicion about its health, the horse will rest immediately and will not be allowed to continue the race. Even if the horse finishes the race without a veterinary approved health report, it will not be accepted for final grade in the race results.

After each race, the horses rest, without running for a few months. The roots of endurance riding and endurance racing can be found throughout Turkish history. Horseback riding for long distances has been part of the Turks’ way of life for centuries. In ancient times, the Turks were equestrian nomads who lived in Central Asia and Anatolia. They had discovered the world on horseback.

Throughout history, horses have been central to the lives of Turks everywhere and at every stage as traveling companions. The Turks never thought of horses simply as animals or vehicles, but as members of their family as we know from idioms such as: horse, woman, weapon, that is, from the Turkish-male point of view, horses, like the women and weapons were loved.

If we need to make a brief description of endurance riding, when we evaluate the horse’s place in history and endurance racing today, we can conclude that the desired result of endurance riding is to become a horse body and consciousness. This unit of horse and rider is uniquely created by performing endurance competitions.

Do you dare to participate in one of our endurance riding races?

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Viaurbis Equestrian Center – Ahkal Teke (Akhal Teke Horse Center) -Viaurbis


This hacienda was created in 1988 in Cappadocia, oriented towards the breeding, care and training of horses. It currently has an area of ​​17,000 m2 along the entire Kizilirmak River. This place started as a dream for its founder who made a lot of effort and sacrifice, this dream came true becoming the place it is today. This Hacienda has achieved notoriety and success for all those who constitute it. It currently has a 300 m2 restaurant, a garden with an area of ​​3,000 m2 and a stable that houses more than 30 stables.

Its founder is Mr. Ercihan Dilari.

Horse lover, Ercihan Dilari, is a rider who has achieved many recognitions for Turkey, has turned his dream into reality and today enjoys his business. He took on the challenge of raising horses, caring for them and training them for competitions that can recognize his nation and in turn provide different alternatives of enjoyment for the Turkish public. Ercihan has never seen horses as just animals, but as family, life companions and friends. Accompanied by his beautiful horse Anadolu, he has established “the longest cultural route in all of Turkey”, being assisted in this project by his academic team.

Prestigious routes in Cappadocia:

The Evliya Çelebi Trail (2009): This is the first horse-riding route in all of Turkey and was recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Route in 2013. The route unites history and nature with adventure and the spirit of the holidays. On this route, you can visit towns and cities that Evliya visited and described in the 17th century. For 2019, along with the Riders of the Lost Paths (special riding group), Ercihan is planning a 10th anniversary Evliya route, as well as a new Lycian Way route.

Saint Paul’s Path (2013): This is a 500 km route that runs from Perge (10 km east of Antalya) to Yalvaç (northeast of Lake Eğirdir).

The Phrygian Way (2014-2016): The Phrygian Way connects the cities of Ankara, Afyonkarahisar, Eskisehir and Kutahya. The route is 506 km long and designed to take modern travelers to the valleys where the Phrygians built their ancient civilization.

The Great Anatolian Ride (2014): In 2014, this journey started from Cappadocia and went to Iznik, linking many of the previous trails. In the past ten years, Ercihan has successfully trained horses that have become national champions for endurance racing. He has signed and delivered many projects involving Turkish horses with universities across Turkey.

The Akhal Teke Equestrian Center (Akhal Teke Horse Center) also continues to maintain various social responsibility projects with its community, such as the Hippotherapy Project that continues in conjunction with the University of Nevşehir.

Ercihan loves to share his knowledge and experiences with his friends, and has organized horseback riding expeditions around the world in different terrains and conditions. Meanwhile, his son Bekir Dilari continues to develop the Akhal Teke Equestrian Center.

Ercihan, together with the organization “Riders of the Lost Paths”, is organizing special horse riding tours with participants limited to France, America (Oregon), Germany, Chile, Ethiopia, Jordan, Morocco, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.


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