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How to Get to Cappadocia?

You can get to Cappadocia by plane, through the two airports in the There are daily flights with Turkish Airlines ( from Istanbul regionKayseri and Nevsehir.  Sun Express ( has some flights from Izmir and Pegasus ( flies in high season from Antalya.

Kayseri Airport is the largest and most important in the region of Cappadocia. It has a modern terminal, 75 kilometers from Goreme and one hour’s drive to Cappadocia.

Located in TuzkoyNevsehir Airport is 30 kilometers (19 miles) northwest of the city of the same name and has several daily round flights from Istanbul through Turkish Airlines and also receive charter flights.

There are transfer buses operating between Kayseri Airport and the best known accommodation in Cappadocia. The buses transport passengers to UrgupGoremeUchisarAvanos and Nevsehir, and cost about 15 TL (to Urgup) and 17 TL (for other destinations). If you want to use one of these transport services you must book them in advance and in case of return in the same way, you can manage it from your hotel or pension.

by bus how to get to cappadocia

By bus

From IstanbulNight bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia is usually the cheapest way to travel to the region, but takes between 10 and 12 hours to travel the 730 miles that separate them. Several companies have night buses, including Metro Turizm and Seyahat Nevsehir.

From Antalya: Several night services run between Antalya and Nevsehir, lasting from 9-10 hours. From Nevsehir, you can continue to Cappadocia by minibus. You can also decide to take a bus to Konya, see the sights there, spend the night and continue to Cappadocia next day.

From Ankara: From the Main Terminal of Ankara (Asti) to Nevsehir buses depart every two hours (and vice versa). It takes about 4 ½ hours, including a 25 minute stop to stretch your legs, use the toilets and eat something. The ticket price is 30 TL.

The Nevsehir Bus Terminal (Otogar) is about 25 kilometers west of most of the towns of Cappadocia, like Urgüp,  Goreme and Uchisar. At the Nevsehir otogar you can take a shuttle minibus (usually price is included in the ticket) to one of these destinations, to finally get to your destination in Cappadocia.

By car

From Istanbul: It’s a long trip (730 km/454 miles, 11 or 12 hours), and taking into consideration the price of gas, the best way will be sharing a car with several people. Use the Otoyol (motorway) between Istanbul and Ankara to save time, then follow the road E-90 south of Ankara to Aksaray, and then head east through the ancient Silk Road, to Nevsehir.

From Antalya: Between Antalya and Nevsehir there are 586 kilometers through Manavgat, Akseki, Seydisehir, Konya and Aksaray, so that the journey should take between 8 and 9 hours, depending on how you drive. It can be an interesting journey along the ancient Silk Road or through Sultanhanı and other Seljuk caravanserais to Konya (good place for a meal and spend the night). From there you should go through the mountains, down to the Mediterranean coast.

From Ankara: Through the high traffic of Ankara look for the E-90 south and follow the instructions to Aksaray, 219 miles ahead. In Aksaray, turn left and continue to Nevsehir, 73 miles.

Just at the junction of the E-90 and Nevsehir Highway in Aksaray, you will find the Agaçli Tesisleri, a sort of resting brake with a 4 star hotel, restaurants, cafeterias, food stands, bathrooms, souvenir shops, fuel and services, and even a small mosque.

how to get to cappadocia train

By train

From Ankara: The main railway line runs between Ankara and Kayseri and from there it divides into two: one to the east, to Sivas, and another to the south, to Nigde, Karaman and Adana, bordering Cappadocia.

Express trains take about seven hours to travel the distance between Ankara and Kayseri. High Speed Trains (Hizli Yüksek Trenler) range from Ankara to Konya, so if you plan to visit the city this is a good choice. The next day you can take a bus from Konya to Nevsehir and then a transfer to your destination in Cappadocia.

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