A Visit To Pergamum


Discover the ancient Pergamum with its Asclepion, the Agora, Acropolis and Amphitheater accompanied by a professional English-speaking guide on a visit to Pergamum. Not to be missed!

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A visit to Pergamum

On this tour we will pick you up at the Port of Izmir for an itinerary of great historical interest, heading to the ancient Pergamum.

Main center, beside Alexandria, of Hellenistic civilization in the East and capital of the Roman province of Asia MinorPergamum lived for more than three centuries an economic prosperity that resulted in an exceptional artistic and cultural flowering. You can see how the Greeks and Romans architects knew how to adapt an area with a difficult geographical situation to the planning and constructive requirements of a great capital.

We will visit the complex of ” Askelepieion“, built in honor of Asclepius (Aesculapius, to the Romans), god of medicine. It was a place of worship and one of the most famous treatment centers in the world.

A 3 kilometers paved road will take us to the Acropolis, which dominates the plateau, about 275 meters high (we will return by cable car). Originally surrounded by a triple mural belt that left some traces, over this rocky spur many temples were built as well as public and private buildings. Before returning to the cruise we will  have a stop to can  buy souvenirs and typical products and will conclude with a panoramic bus tour in the city of Izmir.


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