Holidays in Cappadocia

It is always important to know the holidays and fest days of the country or the city you plan to visit, as you can be part of their celebrations, understand them and to know the closing days of the various cultural institutions, office procedures, etc. Fest Days Christian New Year: January 1st. Memorial … Read more

Cappadocia: General Information

The incredible region of Cappadocia (In Turkish: Kapadokya), comprising the provinces of Aksaray, Nevsehir, Nigde, Kayseri and Kirsehir, is located at the center of Turkey and covers approximately 300 square kilometers of a remarkable landscape, almost surreal and unique in world. Million years ago, volcanic activity formed a layer of ash that over time and from … Read more

Traveling to Cappadocia?

If you are finally organizing one of your dreamed trip to Cappadocia, it is probable that hundreds of questions arise, beyond the basic issues of accommodation, food and entertainment options: in what currency to pay? Where do you change it? In what language I can communicate with people? What types of connectors or … Read more

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