Advice and recommendations to travel safely to Istanbul after coronavirus.

As Viaurbis, we will not always execute the same security measures since we are present throughout Turkey with more than 100 destination points. Strict measures will be necessary in some places, and less necessary in others.

In spite of these differences, all these destinations have a common ground of ensuring every effort because safety of our travelers is ranked first and so that our clients’ experience is not affected by these measures. Here are some examples of security measures implemented to safely conduct Viaurbis tours:

  • Strict monitor of the health and temperature of the guides before and after the guided tour and / or trip.
  • Less group size on guided tours and / or excursions to allow a social distance of two meters.
  • Mandatory use of masks and gloves during the tour. In some instances, there will be a guide that offers this material to customers free of charge.
  • On excursions, a cutback in the number of passengers of buses and / or minibuses to secure social distance and thorough cleaning of the vehicle before and after the excursions.
  • Pre-disinfected radios and headphones, so that the guide can be heard from a greater distance.
  • No printed materials that may become contaminated will be distributed (maps, booklets, brochures, etc.).

These safety actions are just some examples of measures being implemented, but not all of them will be applied to all our activities at the same time. They will be adapted to the health needs of each region and will always be subject to the approval of the relevant governmental agencies.

Advice and Recommendations

Before travelling

The first, and in all likelihood most important suggestion is that anyone manifesting signs and symptoms of the coronavirus should not consider travelling. Even if you are least likely to be infected with COVID-19, please contact health officials so they can show you steps to follow based on the symptoms present. If you do not show any symptoms and can safely go on your journey, it is crucial to take care of hygiene, wash your hands frequently with soap and wear a mask in public places. Thus, it is essential to bring enough masks, alcoholic hand gel (which can be substituted with soap and water when you don’t have it) and a thermometer with you for the entire trip so that you can control your temperature if you feel sick.

During the trip

It is important to ensure your safety when it comes to hygiene while enjoying the trip. For this reason, during your holiday, you should maintain a two-meter social distance with your guide and other people in your group, avoid touching anything, wash your hands frequently and of course, continue to wear the mask in public places.

After the trip

Once your journey is over, it is important to observe your health for 14 days after returning home. Once more, if you display any symptoms associated with coronavirus (fever, persistent cough, shortness of breath), you should contact your health center so they can show steps to follow based on your symptoms.